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Sex Crime Lawyer

Henry Toler is committed to representing clients in the Georgia. He is the #1 Sex Crime Lawyer in the greater Atlanta, Georgia area. If you've been in charged with a Sex Crime then Henry Toler's your lawyer. contact henrytoler3@gmail.com

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Sex Crimes Attorney

Sex crimes are considered by society and the legal system to be one of the most heinous crimes a perpetrator can commit in NY. The social stigma surrounding sexual abusers is enough to mentally, emotionally and socially ruin your life, your relationships, and your ability to earn income in the future. When you are accused [...]

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DUI Defense

We represent clients charged with either taking the breath test and blowing over .08 or refusing to take the breath test on the Intoxilyzer 8000. Recent DUI statistics show that nearly half of the breath tests in Florida involve a breath alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.15 or above. A DUI with a BAC over .15 [...]

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